Intel 11 Generation Core Laptop Processors (U Series)

The first 11th gen Intel  processors hit the market in late 2020. Along with the new CPUs there came a new Intel graphics technology called the Intel Iris Xe – and a new mobile platform was launched which was named as Intel evo, The company says will help laptop buyers easily identify systems built for high performance in real conditions.

Intel’s initial 11th gen mobile CPUs which is called U Series, boasts up to 4.8 GHz turbo clock speeds . It also features a lot of industry first world class updates like Inte Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +), Thunderbolt- 4, .

Performance wise , Intel says11th gen has below results

  • Up to 2.7x faster in terms of content creation
  • Around 20% faster of office productivity
  • 2x faster for game streaming

In line with the launch of Intel’s 11 Gen processors, major PC brands announced their first laptops and hybrid pc’s with the new CPUs. Lenovo Yoga 9i was the first pc to have this facility from Lenovo– a new benchmarck for the renowned Yoga series of flexible laptop. With this we expect many other latest launches to be done with 11th Gen intel processors

Intel’s new name for 11th Gen mobile processors

Before proceeding, it’s worth noting that with its new 11th generation processors, Intel changed the way it identifies which of its Core chips are built for everyday laptops versus which ones are designed for use in thin and light models. [The tighter confines and smaller batteries of thin and light models mean their CPUs must operate while consuming less power (and generating less heat) than comparatively thicker, heavier laptops.]